Jammers' Award - Global Game Jam (January 2018)

Special Mention - PlayStation Jury (January 2018)

Finalist - Valencia Indie Summit (March 2018)



Prototype Windows - Prototype Mac OS X
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FOS was born in the Global Game Jam 2018 and is now under development.


About the Game

FOS is a game about exploration, challenge and the power of light. You will play a long-tailed lightball, born in a world of darkness. Your goal: to bring light. Using trial and error, you will discover the nature of your surroundings as you learn.


Controller + headphones (highly recommended)

Alternative: A,W,S,D / arrows + sound


Currently working hard on improving the looks, sounds and mechanics of FOS aiming for a 2018 release.

We’re preparing dozens of new levels and worlds that will hopefully blow your mind. Thank you all for your support!

We’ll be uploading new material pretty soon!

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